Failing Consciousness

Let had I known
Be not my Own
How sad it be
That I have been
Consciously living
An Unknown.

Unaware of the truth around our being
Ignorant of how at a point our lives have remained
Unconscious of how our thoughts
Have Gone Far Wrong.

Reading, Gossiping and Judging
The Tales of others
Tales that actually tell The Story Of Us
Stories our eyes and mind
Have Refused To Comprehend

Bathing in the Unreality
Of our Self Conviction
Oh, the failings Of our intimacy With the master
The Disregard of our very own Father.

The intensity of Our Insensitivity
Painting the picture of Perfection
When in the reality
The uninked white paper
Is So Filled With The Dots Of Our Imperfection.

What relationships have we Overlooked?
What situations and instances have We Approached In Apathy?

Oh, the wailings of our Ignorance
Bringing To Death All Of Our Conscience.

Forget the Bad
What Goodness have we let slide
In lack of Concern
Oh, The Failing Discerning Souls.

Our Senses Baffling with the Insignificant
Holding on to the memories
That should’ve long gone
To Fights, Words , Behaviors
That Should’ve Been Long Forgotten.

How much Growth
Have we Retarded?
Thank Goodness It’s not too Late
At least Not If We Pay Attention Now

Genuinely seeking knowledge
And seeking it right
Letting go of unnecessary suspicion
Digging Deep In the Knowledge Of Koinonia.

To Unravel all wrongs
Down to shallowest ones
Not holding back our anger
So we can have those discussions
That Would Otherwise Brew Grudges

Fully taking responsibility
This way we can revive life
Into the soul
Of Our Failing Consciousness.

Thank you so much for reading this poem.

Β©Elusakin Precious. All rights reserved.

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Published by elusakinprecious

I'm an extrovert, a novelist and a poet. Writing is my power and it is my voice. I Impact, Influence and of course entertain with my write-ups. My biggest inspiration is the Holy Spirit. I write when I'm happy and sad, so I basically write every time. I have a very strong opinion about a lot of things . I love reading and singing too

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