It goes beyond
Your hugs and shakes
Runs deep to your hearts
Such as filled empathy
Lots of love and caring gaze

That I’ve noticed
In the Rabbi’s ways
Arms around a child
Sits the little girl
Upon His laps

Places an impact on His fellows
Touch of blessings
By laying of hands
Habits of sacrifice
Portrayed by the lover and His beloved

Acts of benevolence
Even laying them upon blissful grass
Feeding them with words and sweet bread
Words of affirmation
And a couple of kisses and handshakes

Take a look around
A very next neighbor
Still validates such attention
Surprisingly, things take a good turn
Cause there’s power in an Embrace.

©Copyright. Elusakin Precious.

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Good Enough

Good Enough

What must I Do?
What must I Become?

The time is Shortened
The Island form is Fizzling

I want This
Can I be That?

All I want is to be Pleasing
As we walk on the shores of the World

The entrance gate drawn Closer
She does this and is more Gratifying

Maybe I can do it Too
Hopefully, I have what it takes

He is so perfect, very competent
If I could get rid of this Mark

I too would be Good.

Soon, the summer Fades
Winter and truth Dawn

And I Realize
He does not want who I’m Not,

As I Am
Is what He Asks
That and obedience to all His Commands

No anxiety, no Distress
Besides, It’s too crucial a Time

To be Distracted

Just one Pursuit
To be Christ’s Tool

Fully Submissive and Diligent
Up until the last Flute.

©Elusakin Precious. All rights reserved.

Hey there! Thank you for reading.

I figured that most times we try to be more than we are , even when its not necessary , just to serve God. And at the end of it, we get so caught up in trying to be “good enough” that we don’t actually serve God.

God, gave us something that’s unique to us, so that it would be used for His glory. Don’t strive to be what you are not. Who He created is enough!

Be the best of yourself and through the help of the Holy spirit serve faithfully.

Once again, thank you so much for reading.

Stay safe and God bless you.

Before it withers away…

You’ve heard it

On the same soil were we

When He planted it

You said you can’t you unhear it

But I have a feeling

You might just forget it

Ponder upon it

Just a little more often

Soften the earth , water it

Before it goes vague on you

Mentally, Practice it

Before it withers away

Nourish it well up in your mind

It is the Word of God

Cook it up in your spirit

For Health it brings you

When you consume it.

©Elusakin Precious

It’s an allegory from Mark 4: 13-20, I just thought to remind you of it.

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Stay safe and happy. God bless you.

Alley Of Wisdom

It dwells within a Cabinet
Its brick wall arrayed by insight
The interior laced with the colours of secrecy
The content, virtued with preciousness.

Could simply be gained, patiently
As cherished by a child adorned with lowliness
Not a forbidden Ornament
For someone looking to be upright.

Sound Counsel for the peaceable
Not some disordered
Dribbling of words
Perfected in personal Ambition.

Gently served, yet open to reasoning
Not quite the way our century envision,

” I know what you want to say
This knowledge is quite predictable…
As presumed , there is really
Nothing to gain.”

” You just can’t understand, those words of wisdom do not change the underlying fact.”

That is what’s tamed in our heads
Words of Wisdom taled in hypocrisy

Paths of life, left unguarded.
Destiny left to hunch
Those guarded, are foot printed
In earthly strife, and bordered with Confusion.

Hey, may I say something…

” You’re not wrong, wise words do not change the fact
But have you ever wondered why it still Intact?
For all you know, it might be a Tact
To help refract your path.

The Alley of this world
Can only be journeyed
In wisdom, which is first pure
Embedded in instructions of good fruits.

The box of understanding
Placed at the center of one’s heart,
And the beginning of it
Is the fear of the Lord.

©Elusakin Precious. All rights reserved.

Thank you for reading another one of my poems.

I sort of lost the rhymes somewhere along the lines, but I believe you got the message. We have to seek true wisdom and apply it the right way in our various journeys.

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Abounding Life.

Early , have I risen
My spirit awakened within
The day sets afoot,
And my heart is filled
To the brim.

As soon as my foot
Hits the ground,
My gaze falls upon
Things that don’t suit
quite right.

I hear instantly,
The old sounds
The ramblings of
Things out of bounds
Sorts of sounds of war.

Yet, I let my spirit rise
On this new day
I choose life,
I step on a higher ground.

I still my sight
On things at odds,
I then leave out
The fight
Just because…

I have been given the chance
The sheer will to pick
To take a stand
On the good
Even if it’s not the major

It’s my choice
The will of mine
To fill my heart
With the little
That’s right

Afterall, my abundance of life
Comes from my spirit
That arise in will
Above the things unright .

Living out my every breath
As the gift of life, repletely.
As given to me by Christ.
The giver of abounding life.

©Elusakin Precious

All rights reserved

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His Cloudy Thoughts

His Cloudy Thoughts

Cloudiest Emotions on the cloudiest Day
For sure he can tell you about it
‘Cause that’s his current state

Figuring it all out is part the problem
He’s just getting used to righting his wrongs

Inumerable are the times
when he had heard that
Admitting his wrongs is was the hardest of the entire Process.

Living it out is not just easy
And yes, he is used finding a quick fix.

Staring at the dark clouds
More like him on a journey.

He has somewhere to go
Even if he has to squint hard to behold any progress

No kidding when it said
That waiting is the hardest station

He has to look beyond the uncertain weather
To find the Sure Sunshine

No doubt that it is worth it
If walking through all the seconds of this day

Is what it takes to get to tomorrow
Then so be it.

For sure The Messiah has to be
His Backbone

‘Cause every minute of his vulnerability
Needs a rain coat of support.

He might have to fall in the mud
Oh the Fogs and Mists of Mistakes

Alas! The sun will shine
It brightness had been remarkable

On those that scaled through it
At the end, the weather was quite favourable.

©Elusakin Precious.

Honestly , when I wrote this I could think of nothing but the clouds, and I also think its a sequel to one of my other poems.

So please , figure out which one it is and tell me in the comment box. Please, Drop a like .

Thank you reading!

Failing Consciousness

Let had I known
Be not my Own
How sad it be
That I have been
Consciously living
An Unknown.

Unaware of the truth around our being
Ignorant of how at a point our lives have remained
Unconscious of how our thoughts
Have Gone Far Wrong.

Reading, Gossiping and Judging
The Tales of others
Tales that actually tell The Story Of Us
Stories our eyes and mind
Have Refused To Comprehend

Bathing in the Unreality
Of our Self Conviction
Oh, the failings Of our intimacy With the master
The Disregard of our very own Father.

The intensity of Our Insensitivity
Painting the picture of Perfection
When in the reality
The uninked white paper
Is So Filled With The Dots Of Our Imperfection.

What relationships have we Overlooked?
What situations and instances have We Approached In Apathy?

Oh, the wailings of our Ignorance
Bringing To Death All Of Our Conscience.

Forget the Bad
What Goodness have we let slide
In lack of Concern
Oh, The Failing Discerning Souls.

Our Senses Baffling with the Insignificant
Holding on to the memories
That should’ve long gone
To Fights, Words , Behaviors
That Should’ve Been Long Forgotten.

How much Growth
Have we Retarded?
Thank Goodness It’s not too Late
At least Not If We Pay Attention Now

Genuinely seeking knowledge
And seeking it right
Letting go of unnecessary suspicion
Digging Deep In the Knowledge Of Koinonia.

To Unravel all wrongs
Down to shallowest ones
Not holding back our anger
So we can have those discussions
That Would Otherwise Brew Grudges

Fully taking responsibility
This way we can revive life
Into the soul
Of Our Failing Consciousness.

Thank you so much for reading this poem.

©Elusakin Precious. All rights reserved.

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It’s the way we are
Our differences relates to why
Our feelings leave a scar
On the limitless reasons why
It’s so hard for us to get along.

Yes! Other creatures play it right
The blades of every leaf
Stirring just fine
With the winds.

While, the dominators
Of this walks of life
Can’t co-habitate endlong
As we originally were.

Verily, we can indeed help it
Truly, the leaves might not want it,
But they know the move is worth a try

Only, LOVE the greatest of all
The true kind , can endow
Us the hope to at least try
To get along with each other
The way we used to be.

Not much I say is right
Still, If we let love be our guide
Setting our differences aside
The peace we’ll derive

Gives us a glimpse
Of what we can be
As in the times of the first,
Even if just a while
It does last.
The Original Us.


It’s one thing to say it
It’s another to do it.

I told Him I appreciate The Process
So long as He promises to walk me through each step of the way.

I did know that The Process would involve Waiting
Of course I was willing , I still am.

I just didn’t think that
I’d have to wait for the next Step.

I thought I’d get into the next Bus
The moment I got to the Station.

Little did I know that
He wanted me to Tarry
At the Station
Untill I learnt Patience.

Stare at the twinkling figures
Of the Sky
Untill I made something of it.

I’m there now and
I can’t seem to get hold of
The Patience .
Can’t see pass the figures
To make a thing of it.

All I see is
Nervousness creeping it way in
Anxiety balling into Snow.

I really need to make a thing out this
I need Him to give me a cue.

It’s like being
Stone Cold in a Tunnel.
Feet against a Rock
Need to get to that light at the end.

Can’t see a thing
Totally in the Dark
Looking for a Ray
That’s shone on my next Path.

And there He is
Giving me a clue, His cue.

Hold on! That’s the Waiting
Fight A little Longer! Endure
I will Find You.

I have to Wait in Waiting
Slowly Nervousness into Patience
Anxiety into Expectation
The Hope.

I Figured The Process

Ain’t the the Number of Buses
I have to enter to get to
The Destination

It’s the Number of Hours
I spend at the Station
Waiting on the next Bus

Learning Patience
Not forgetting the Journey Ahead,
In Hope
Because I trust the one coming to find Me. Faith.

All rights reserved

©Elusakin Precious

Thank you very much for reading🙏🏽🙏🏽 . I hope the poem leaves you with something and I pray you can relate on some note. Let’s talk about that in the comment box. 😃😃

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